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About Us

Emma Chen who is a retired house keeper. As her kids are getting older, they all moved to the neighborhood apartment. Emma then renovated the upper floor apartment, turned it into a private comfortable 600 square feet studio apartment to accommodate tourists from the world.
No matter you are business travelers or tourists, you will enjoy comfortable stay after a busy day.

- We are close to the following locations: 
  Taipei Metro Shipai station, Taipei American School, Taipei European School,Taipei Japanese School, National Yang Ming University,
  National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Cheng Hsin
  General Hospital, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Yuan Shan, Shih Lin Night Market, Taipei Inernational
  Flora Exposition, Tian Mu, Chien Tan and etc. 



- 我們附近的重要地點有: 石牌國中、石牌國小、石牌捷運站、榮民總醫院(榮總)、振興醫院、台北護理學院、陽明大學、陽明醫學院、商城、銘傳大學、明德國中、明德國小、美國學校、歐洲學校、日僑學校、天母、士林夜市、士林官邸、花博、淡水老街、漁人碼頭、八里、十三行博物館、台北市立美術館、圓山、劍潭,西門町、中正紀念堂、台北車站……等。



李媽媽台北精緻公寓 Emma 

李媽媽台北精緻公寓 Emma  


關鍵字工具: 觀光旅遊住宿  日租 台北自助旅遊 Taipei Backpacker Taipei B and B bed and breakfast rent Taipei apartment 台北旅店  台北酒店 商務 背包客 Emma's Taipei House

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Reservation 如何訂房
- Rates are in NT$
- Family and extended stay rates are available.
- The rates may be higher for special events and busy periods.
- Minimum stay is 2 nights
- Please telephone or e-mail us to reserve or for additional information.
  Speaking with you is important to ensure that your stay is most comfortable.
- A full payment is require when you check-in
- Check-in time after 15:00, check-out time before 12:00. 

There are three ways to check availability and rates, and to reserve your private 
premier apartment:

- Check rates and availabilities: Click here
- Send us an e-mail at taipeibandb@gmail.com
- Call us at: +886-2-2827-2186
- Call us at mobile phone: +886-972-169-612

- 料金はNT$でお支払いいただきます
- ファミリーステイ、延泊もお受けします
- イベント開催時期やバケーションシーズンは料金が高くなることがあります
- 2泊のご滞在からお受けします
- その他のインフォメーションはお電話かe-mailでお尋ねください。ご質問い
    ただければ、 快適なステイのお手伝いができることをお約束します
- ご料金はチェックインの際にお支払いいただきます
- 料金、予約状況をチェックする.ここをクリック
- e-mailを送る taipeibandb@gmail.com
- お問い合わせ電話番号: +886-2-2827-2186  
- お問い合わせ電話番号: +886-972-169-612

- 入房時間: 下午3點後,退房時間:中午12點前
- 入住時請攜帶證件核對
- 礙於環境衛生,請勿吸煙和攜帶寵物入住,
- 礙於公共安全禁止開轟趴及從事非法行為《如:吸毒、酗 酒、召妓 、犯毒‧‧‧等》如經發現報警處理
- 點選這邊瀏覽房價及是否可入住: 確認房價及是否有空屋
- 您可透過下列三種方式來確認是否還可訂房,以及房價
    - e-mail 給我們 taipeibandb@gmail.com
   - 電話號碼: (02)2827-2186 
   - 行動電話: 0972-169-612

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Amenities  便利設施
Guest can take advantage of several amenities in our studio apartment to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable

- Central air conditioning
- Heater
- Hair dryer
- Flat screen LCD television with110 TV channels including:
  Jet TV, NHK, CNN, HBO, CineMax, AXN, Disney, Discovery, Cartoon Network, ESPN, MTV  
  and etc.)
- Alarm clock
- High speed internet access
- High quality organic bedding
- Luxury linens (400+ thread count)
- Soft, comfortable towels
- Cotton slippers
- Small office space for 2 adults with lots of shelves and drawers
- Fax (charged service)
- Copier (NT$ 3/per page, A4 or letter size paper)



- 中央空調冷氣機
- 暖器機
- 吹風機
- 寬螢幕的LCD 電視及110個有線節目,含Jet TV, NHK, CNN, HBO, CineMax, 
  AXN, Disney, Discovery, Cartoon Network, ESPN, MTV及其它節目。
- 鬧鐘
- 寬頻上網
- 高品質有機棉床被組
- 舒適的棉質室內拖鞋
- 小型的辦公室空間,可供二位成人同時使用並上網,及許多的書架和儲存空間讓房客使用
- 傳真(收費服務)
- 影印服務


- エアコン
- ストーブ
- ドライヤー
- 110チャンネルを備えたフラットTV(Jet TV, NHK, CNN, HBO, CineMax, AXN, Disney, Discovery,
  Cartoon Network, ESPN, MTV  など)
- 目覚まし時計
- ハイスピードインターネット
- 心地よいベッドマット
- こだわりのリネン
- タオル
- コットンスリッパ
- 2名で使えるオフィススペース
- ファックス(有料)
- コピー機((1ページNT$ 3, A4またはレターサイズ)


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Our Pictures  我們的照片

Taipei Premier Studio Apartment is your own private studio apartment, a comfortable size, 600 square feet including medium size living room, walk-in closet, comfortable bed(s) with high quality organic beddings, bathroom, and lots of storages, you don’t need to share all these facilities with any other guests.

Living Room
Taipei Premier Studio Apartment, Taipei B and B Living Room 01 

Living Room

Taipei Premier Studio Apartment, Taipei B and B Living Room 01

Living Room 








Walk-in Closet




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